ARCHiNOS Is Awarded a Prize

4 November 2010

The results of the international architectural competition for rehabilitation of the 1913 Sedanaoui Department Store in Cairo organized by the National Organization for Urban Harmony have been announced.

Our congratulations go to the winning team from Alexandria. We are proud to announce that ARCHINOS was awarded a merit award in the competition (go to the project description in the “Designing for the Future” section to see more).


Our design strives to respond to the changing demands of modern life with adaptive re-use of the department store for culture-related purposes. Conservation and preservation of the historic values of the building is seen as integral part of this process. Redevelopment of the surrounding neighborhood is designed to be in accord with the new use of the Sednauoi building and with the demands of 21st-century life, without loosing its present character of a living and vivid part of the urban organism.

Sultan's Festival - ARCHiNOS