Architecture As a Message

22 December 2010

At ARCHiNOS, we have always believed that buildings, architectural, and urban spaces are more than just inanimate objects: they can speak (although not in words), and convey meaningful messages. It was therefore extremely satisfying that when in December 2010 the German Archaeological Institute ( organised a high-profile conference about cultural relationships between early 19th-century Egypt and Europe at its Cairo Department, it chose to invite ARCHiNOS’ Agnieszka Dobrowolska to speak about Architecture as a Message.


The lecture presented the political message behind the building that the ruler of Egypt Muhammad ‘Ali Pasha erected in the Aqqadin area of Cairo, and the conservation of which Agnieszka directed in 1998-2004. (For more about this project, see the Preserving the Past section of this site.)

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