ARCHiNOS Helps Put an Important Art Collection On View

1 January 2011

The Museum of Fine Arts in Alexandria houses a varied collection of European art of different periods and works of modern Egyptian art. To provide within an existing building a setting equally suitable for Old Masters and for abstract paintings, the design by ARCHINOS uses contemporary architectural vocabulary to create a space in which the works of art can speak for themselves. A varied but harmonious colour scheme helps the viewers distinguish different periods and styles. The construction has now been completed and the building turned over to the client, the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, Fine Arts Sector on 29 December 2010. ARCHINOS was also commissioned to create the guidebook to the collection. We will keep you informed when the museum opens to the public.


[2015: we did not put information about the opening in our news, because the Ministry of Culture (culture!) did not invite the designers to the event, or even inform about it.]

Sultan's Festival - ARCHiNOS