Music for the Eyes: Museum of Arabic Calligraphy

1 January 2011

The renowned Syrian author Rafiq Schami aptly called the Arabic script music for the eyes. To let visitors to the new Museum of Arabic Calligraphy in Alexandria enjoy this music without visual background noise, the design by ARCHINOS uses motives of Islamic art within the idiom of minimalist contemporary architecture, not imitating any historical style, yet providing a fitting background for Arabic calligraphy. The construction, which turned a former office building on the premises of the Alexandria Museum of Fine Arts into the new museum, has been completed and the building turned over to the client, the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, Fine Arts Sector on 29 December 2010. Follow the ARCHINOS website to learn when the museum opens and you can enjoy music for your eyes.


[August 2015: see Museum of Arabic Calligraphy Opens]

Sultan's Festival - ARCHiNOS