A Momentous Change

14 February 2011

We have been questioned whether foreign personnel of ARCHiNOS left Egypt when some governments evacuated their nationals during the recent wave of protests and civil unrest. The answer, of course, is NO. We are an Egyptian company, we are working normally, and we are here to stay through thick and thin. Those who arrive from abroad to work with us come and go according to their work schedules.


Like so many people in Egypt we hope that the momentous changes brought about by determined and brave Egyptians who spoke up and acted from love and care for their country will result in a better order from which we will all benefit. At ARCHiNOS, we are proud and happy to witness the transition. The picture of crowds celebrating on 11 February 2011 on the street where our office is located illustrates our own mood too.

Sultan's Festival - ARCHiNOS