Recording Against Regimes

12 February 2013, updated March 2013

Recorded images that are created as a personal or collective expression against political regimes during significant political changes are the counter-weight for those generated by the official media. The recorded document remains when the revolution is over and can often be interpreted not only by its content but also by the type of device used. On the more sophisticated level, video art and experimental cinema are continually using new approaches and forms of presentation. The viewer, shaken from accustomed visual habits, experiences new forms of perception and becomes more critical.The geo-political context, the tools and their accessibility to artists and to the large public, and the means of diffusion have obviously changed through time and space. Videos and films included in the exhibition are not considered so much as a genre but more as a means to investigate the changing role and influence of visual technology and the different ways the moving image and its perception can be expressions of resistance.


Recording Against Regimes was held in Darb 1718 cultural centre in Cairo, Egypt in March 2013.


Sultan's Festival - ARCHiNOS