ARCHiNOS Re-designs the Sudan National Museum

27 April 2014

The Sudan National Museum in Khartum houses a huge collection of priceless objects that testify to an extremely rich, millennia-long history of this stretch of the Nile Valley, which blends varied influences of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East into a fascinating local cultural tradition. ARCHiNOS Architecture responded to an international Request for Proposals for “a complete update to modern international museum standards” and has been selected as the Lead Consultant for the designing services. A contract with the Mushaireb company representing the Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project has been signed on 2 February 2014. In this fascinating project, we team up with ACE Muharram-Bakhoum, a leading engineering consulting firm in Egypt and the Middle East, and a number of international experts, notably with Dust Architecture in London. The survey and preliminary stage of the work has nearly been completed, and we are working full-speed on the design intended to bring the Museum into the 21st Century and assure its deserved place among the world’s leading museums.

Sultan's Festival - ARCHiNOS

Photo: (Left to Right) Ram-headed sphinx of King Taharqa, 690-669 BC; Agnieszka Dobrowolska, ARCHiNOS Architecture; Jan Dobrowolski, Dust Architecture; Ahmed Hussein, ACE Muharram-Bakhoum; Roberta Shaw, formerly the Royal Ontario Museum – in the Sudan National Museum garden during the survey and preparatory stage of the project