A Museum at the Foot of the Sacred Mountain

3 May 2015

Gebel Barkal in the northern Sudan, with its impressive rock outcrop once believed to be the seat of the god Amun, is among the most important ancient sites in the Nile Valley. With a grant from the Prince Claus Fund, ARCHiNOS is working on a project aiming at improving the security of objects displayed and stored in the site museum at this World Heritage location. ARCHiNOS has recently hosted in Cairo Mr. Sami Elamin of the Sudanese National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums, who came to start off work on the inventory of objects, for which ARCHiNOS has specially designed a database. The inventory is going to be produced in parallel with physical improvements to the facility.

Photograph: ruins of ancient temples nestle underneath the majestic cliff of Gebel Barkal

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