Upholding Great Sultan’s Glory

9 September 2015

Sultan Qaitbey, who reigned in 1468-1496, was among the most glorious rulers of mediaeval Egypt. He was a great patron of architecture, in whose time the Mamluk style reached its apex of refined elegance and perfect craftsmanship. Five hundred years on, the Sultan’s buildings still inspire marvel and admiration. ARCHiNOS is happy to announce that with funding from the Delegation of the European Union in Egypt, and after overcoming administrative hurdles, in August 2015 we have finally started a project  to conserve another monument within the Sultan’s funerary complex in the “City of the Dead” in Cairo and let it benefit the local community.

Picture: a 16th-century woodcut showing Sultan Qaitbey, possibly based on a portrait taken from life. (source: ARCHiNOS Architecture)