Events in the Maq'ad of Sultan Qaitbey  cultural hub

Second Sultan's Fair

1 October 2015

Hand-blown glass, silver-inlaid and engraved brass, furniture inlaid with mother-of pearl, textiles, basketry, and more: local craftspeople displayed and sold their wares in front of the magnificent mosque of Sultan Qaitbey in the “City of the Dead” in Cairo in the square colourfully decorated for the festivity. Residents and guests could also view an art exhibition of oil painting by Sonja Moser, photographic displays, and a documentary video about the crafts practiced in the area, while children happily interacted with the visiting Sultan and his Mamluks. The fair, organised by ARCHiNOS Architecture on 1 October 2015, was part of an EU-funded project of creating a cultural centre in a restored and adapted mediaeval building, carried out by ARCHiNOS Architecture in cooperation with the Ministry of Antiquities and its Historic Cairo Project.