ART COMES TO THE PEOPLE in the "City of the Dead" - now on ARCHiNOS Architecture's website

5 January 2017

The closing months of 2016 were busy for ARCHiNOS Architecture, with so many events happening that we had no time to report about  them in our website's news section (but you can always stay up to date about our ongoing and upcoming events by visiting us on Facebook.)

Now, with the best wishes for the whole year 2017, we offer the visitors to our website a review of the work created by visiting contemporary artists  in the Qaitbey area of the “City of the Dead”. The "Art Comes to the People" programme is part of cultural activities that ARCHiNOS designs and carries out as an extension of the project of conservation of Sultan Qaitbey's maq'ad and its adaptation for a hub of art and culture serving the local underprivileged community.

Follow this link to learn about the artists and their work

Photograph: unveiling of a sculpture by Roy Hiller-Gießing

in front of the maq'ad of Sultan Qaitbey on 6 December 2016

Paolo Peroni