Events in the Maq'ad of Sultan Qaitbey  cultural hub

'Sultan's Fair'

and opening of an art exhibition

5 May 2017

The ‘Sultan’s Fair’ on 5 May 2017 marked the opening of an art exhibition by the members of the faculty of Helwan University, Faculty of Applied Arts. The exhibition titled New Art within Old Walls was organised by ARCHiNOS and its not-for-profit arm, the Sultan Foundation, in cooperation with the University. Twenty-one Egyptian artists presented their works in various styles, materials, and techniques.

Dr Isaak Azmy, the founder of the Design Centre Cairo, exhibited two paintings as a Guest of Honour.

Local craftspeople displayed their products in another ‘Sultan’s Fair’ in front of the maq‘ad  of Sultan Qaitbey, while children enjoyed a training workshop in singing in the nearby hawd of Qaitbey, also recently restored by ARCHiNOS.