Events in the Maq'ad of Sultan Qaitbey  cultural hub

'Sultan's Fair': Leather

17 April 2018

The Sultan’s Leather Fair held on 17 April 2018 in front of the maq‘ad of al-Ashraf Qaitbey showcased leather products and manufacturing techniques to mark the involvement of the renowned British designer Bill Amberg in the training workshops offered to the women from the local community by the Sultan Foundation, a not-for-profit sister organization of ARCHiNOS, with funding from the Alfanar Foundation.  The project takes place within the European Year for Cultural Heritage.

The jury composed of renowned designers chose the winners of the Sultan Fair Leather Competition in leather goods design that was organized by the Sultan Foundation, and for which private donors generously funded prizes.

Exhibition of the designs from the competition was opened, a drumming band offered entertainment, while craftspeople from the neighbourhood and from other areas of Cairo could directly present and sell their wares, and children enjoyed attractions set up especially for them.