A Feast Fit for a Sultan

6 June 2018

The grand reception room of the onetime palace of Sultan Qaitbey in the Desert of the Mamluks is a huge hall, but on 5 June 2018 it filled up when staff, collaborators, and friends of ARCHiNOS gathered for an iftar – a meal that breaks the day’s fast in Ramadan.

Meat came from the renowned kebab house in the neighbourhood in the heart of Historic Cairo where we did a number of projects in the past. Otherwise, all the food was home-made. At ARCHiNOS, we are proud of the broad and diversified talents and abilities of our staff and collaborators, and excellent cooking skills are clearly among them. We even had some of the famous Syrian sweets for dessert, but the true joy of the evening was the conviviality of the company.

Ramadan Karim! – we send the greeting to all our friends, Muslim or not.  

Tree planting in the Qaitbey's area of the City of the Dead