ARCHiNOS Comes to the Rescue of a Mediaeval Building

31 July 2018

The “City of the Dead” in Cairo is dotted with scores of domes over mediaeval tombs, but the mausoleum of Amir Munkalibugha from the mid-14th century is different and almost unique with its three rooms originally covered with brick barrel vaults. The ruined tomb stands at the edge of the superb funerary complex of Sultan Qaitbey where ARCHiNOS has been working for the past few years, and it is in very miserable condition, in danger of imminent collapse. The American Research Center in Egypt awarded a grant from its Antiquities Endowment Fund for conservation of the monument, so it can be made safely accessible to the public together with conserved segments of the onetime Sultan’s palace. The work began in late July 2018 with emergency stabilisation of the tomb and the neighbouring collapsing building, and with recording of the existing conditions. Long-term structural repairs and conservation of fabrics will follow soon.