Events in the Maq'ad of Sultan Qaitbey  cultural hub

5th "Sultan's Fair:

Kite-flying competition for children

20 October 2018

Flying kites is a popular pastime among the children in the ‘City of the Dead’, just like in many other neighbourhoods of Cairo. On 20 October 2018, as part of its EU-funded project in there, ARCHiNOS organised a kite-flying competition for the children of the Qaitbey area of the Desert of the Mamluks. It was led by the Italian artist Raffaele Fiorella, on his second visit to Cairo after he was an artist-in-residence here in 2017 and worked with us in the same neighbourhood. The prizes for the builders of the best flying and the most creatively designed kites were generously funded by Thirty-Three Designs, Abou El Goukh, Kollina Dalil El Kheir, Room Art Space, and Sports Mall Mohandiseen. Their contributions are greatly appreciated, as they really brought big smiles to the children's faces!

The event was part of a two-day-long Fifth Sultan’s Fair, where traditional craftspeople presented and directly sold their products, in addition to other attractions: a 3D-mapping presentation on the maq‘ad façade integrated with a dance performance, and a lecture by Agnieszka Dobrowolska.

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