Events in the Maq'ad of Sultan Qaitbey  cultural hub

Concert by the BartolomeyBittmann duo from Vienna

12 April 2019

On 12 April 2019 the world-renowned Austrian virtuoso duo BartolomeyBittmann performed at the Maq‘ad of Sultan Qaitbey. Rooted in classical tradition, Matthias Bartolomey and Klemens Bittmann lead their precious instruments –a violin and cello that are more than 200 years old and a custom-made mandola—onto new musical paths. Their own-composed music brings together the classical inspiration with the improvised spontaneity of jazz, including heavy groove and rock elements and fast up-tempo compositions, as well as intimate ballads. Unrestrained joy meets radical rhythms, delivered with virtuoso excellence.


On the same day, an exhibition opened in the maq'ad, presenting the results of a photographic competition. As usual, craftspeople from the neighbourhood and from further afar presented and sold their products.

The concert, one of two given by the duo in Cairo, was organised in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum Cairo.

It was part of a larger event within the project Heritage for the Living  in the 'City of the Dead' carried out by ARCHiNOS with funding primarily from the European Union