‘Desert of the Mamluks’: A Travel Destination

26 April 2019

The accomplished travel writer who signs her pieces simply as Dee has recently published on-line an in-depth article about the ‘Desert of the Mamluks’, the part of the “City of the Dead” in Cairo where we work, including an interview with ARCHiNOS director Agnieszka Dobrowolska.

In Dee’s own words,

I’ve learned about slow travel, about really getting to know a destination, and giving myself time to wander. About getting a taste of local, everyday life… Slow travel means quality over quantity. 

Indeed, the sleepy streets and busy workshops of the ‘Desert of the Mamluks’ offer an excellent opportunity for unhurried exploration of what Dee calls “a hidden gem full of Mamluk architectural treasures – and some very clever graffiti.