Events in the Maq’ad of Sultan Qaitbey  cultural hub

Oud Concert by Mahmud al-Sawi al-Sayyid

21 April 2020

Mahmud al-Sawi al-Sayyid has been playing the oud for more than seven years. He learnt to play the instrument in the Arabic Oud House (bayt al-oud) in Cairo, the first school fully dedicated to teaching oud as a solo instrument, which is led by the world-famous virtuoso Naseer Shamma.

As all public gatherings have been suspended in Egypt following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the concert was given in the empty hall of the oratory of Gulshani that was recently renovated by ARCHiNOS and in the courtyard of Sultan Qaitbey’s maq‘ad, and streamed live online.

It can be enjoyed on MASQ Facebook page.

​The concert was part of a larger event within the project Heritage for the Living  in the ‘City of the Dead’ carried out by ARCHiNOS with funding primarily from the European Union, and was co-sponsored by the Drosos Foundation.

Project funded by the European Union