Art in the Time of Corona

After a long hiatus caused by the Coronavirus precautions, on 15 September 2020 the walls of the Maq‘ad of Sultan Qaitbey and the adjacent oratory of al-Gulshani again resounded with music and the buzz of conversations.

The sculpture exhibition Daughters of the Nile could finally open to the public, with seventeen Egyptian artists presenting their works on the theme of womanhood.

Three monumental pieces that now adorn the Qaitbey neighbourhood were officially inaugurated: stone sculptures by Omar Toussoun and Hossam Hussain and a mosaic of glass and marble pieces designed by ARCHiNOS’ Eslam Bin Na’eb and made by the women of the neighbourhood under the guidance of artists Iman al-Banna and ‘Amal Akhnukh.

Then, the Muhammad Beshir Band performed their music inspired by Egyptian folk tunes – and few among the very varied audience could repress their urge to join the dance.