Events in the Maq’ad of Sultan Qaitbey  cultural hub

Beyond the Horizon

4 – 5 December 2020

On two consecutive days, events under the theme ‘Beyond the Horizon – Across the Divide’ unrolled in the Maq‘ad  of Sultan Qaitbey (MASQ) cultural hub, focusing on things that are often right in front of our eyes but lay beyond a horizon, separated by the divide that makes them invisible. Bob Dylan’s 2006 ballad ‘Beyond the Horizon’ inspired this weekend of crossing literal and figurative divides.

On Friday, 4 December 2020, an exhibition opened in the oratory of al-Gulshani with art installations by Mena El Shazly, Nouran Debaan, and Rawan Abbas, three Cairo-based artists who answered our open call with outstandingly original interpretations. In different media and materials, the artists explored the dynamics of relationships between passing and transient, solid and ephemeral, alive and inanimate – in site-specific installations that related to the unique exhibition space.

On Saturday, 5 December, ARCHiNOS’ conservation architect Jarosław Dobrowolski led a walking tour focusing on the architectural gems of one of Cairo’s most overlooked neighbourhoods. The highlights from the Mamluk period came alive as the group wandered amidst the historic buildings of the ‘City of the Dead’, an area that was always intended to be a city for the living as well.

On Saturday evening,  the Do’souqa band lit up the stage with a live concert in the MASQ courtyard. In the one-night-only experience, one of Egypt’s most popular and most ambitious independent bands rocked the neighbourhood with a signature combination of acoustic/folk and groovy swing. As a special treat, Do’souqa also interpreted a couple Bob Dylan classics, including his ballad ‘Beyond the Horizon’ that inspired the events. Social distancing could not dampen the audience’s enthusiastic reception.

The Sultan’s Fair was open on both Friday and Saturday and this time included exclusive Christmas collection of MISHKĀ brand comprised of beautiful leather-bound notebooks, tablet covers and wallets in vibrant colours, along with the newest collection of stunning jewellery inspired by Islamic geometry that strikes a dazzling balance between traditional and contemporary design.

The Beyond the Horizon events were organised in cooperation with our sister not-for-profit organisation, the Sultan Foundation, which operates the Maq‘ad of Sultan Qaitbey Centre, and receives funding from the Drosos Foundation.

The events were part of our programme Heritage for the Living in the “City of the Dead”, which is funded primarily by the European Union.

Project funded by the European Union