Beyond the Horizon

Bob Dylan urges us in a 2006 song to go “beyond the horizon, across the divide”, because there, “we’ll be on the same side.” Beyond the Horizon was the leading theme of two days of events at the MASQ cultural hub on 4-5 December 2020.

An exhibition by three Egyptian artists who responded to our open call with outstandingly original art installations opened at the oratory of al-Gulshani. A walking tour through the Eastern Cemetery introduced the public to the architectural gems of one of Cairo’s most overlooked neighbourhoods. The Do’souqa band lit up the stage with a live concert in the MASQ courtyard. Social distancing could not dampen the audience’s enthusiastic reception. On both days, the “Sultan’s Fair” was open, this time including exclusive Christmas collection of designer products handcrafted by the local women of the MISHKĀ brand.

Project funded by the European Union