Events in the Maq’ad of Sultan Qaitbey  cultural hub

Contemporary Dance at MASQ

11 November 2021

As part of the 2021 edition of the Breaking Walls festival, on 11 November 2021 Hazem Header and Maciej Piotr Beczek gave a captivating live dance performance titled All Roads Lead To…. at the Maq‘ad of Sultan Qaitbey (MASQ) cultural hub. Live music on oud performed by ‘Ali Eissa accompanied the dancers.

Preceding the show was a performance by a group of young Egyptian dancers who attended a two-weeks long contemporary dance workshop at the MASQ conducted by Maciej Piotr Beczek.

The event was co-produced by the ÑUT Dance Company – NDC and co-sponsored by the Embassy of Poland. It was part of activities of the not-for-profit sister organisation of ARCHiNOS, the Sultan Foundation funded primarily by the European Union and the DROSOS Foundation..

Project funded by the European Union