Armenian Nubarian School Theatre, Heliopolis, Cairo

Design and implementation of new interiors in the Armenian Nubarian School Theatre, which is a multipurpose venue used for various cultural events.

Three alternative versions of concept design in a number of colour and lighting variants were presented to the clients who opted for a toned-down colour scheme, with freely composed geometrical forms of the ceiling and walls brought out primarily by indirect lighting. Traditional Armenian decorative motifs are discreetly integrated into the modern interior.

Commissioned by the Armenian Community represented by the Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate.

design: March – August 2017

implementation: August 2017 – May 2018

Lead Designer: Agnieszka Dobrowolska
Design team: Ahmed Attiya, Ahmed ‘Abdel Aziz, Nuran Osama
Supervision of implementation: Fatma Farouk
Implemented by ARCHiNOS in consortium with the TIBA Integrated for Construction