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Crafts Fair and a Concert at Sultan Qaitbey’s

Many people saw the “Sultan’s Fair” on 18 Dec. 2021 as an opportunity to shop for Christmas gifts, so the event was very well attended. The local craftspeople from the Qaitbey neighbourhood and outstanding … Read more

No Snow in Cairo!

On 11 December2021, the streets of the Qaitbey neighbourhood in the “Desert of the Mamluks” filled with art and joy when the “Marble Crowd” group from Iceland gave a street performance titled “Trash and … Read more

Beyond the Horizon

Bob Dylan urges us in a 2006 song to go “beyond the horizon, across the divide”, because there, “we’ll be on the same side.” Beyond the Horizon was the leading theme of two days … Read more

Art in the Time of Corona

After a long hiatus caused by the Coronavirus precautions, on 15 September 2020 the walls of the Maq‘ad of Sultan Qaitbey and the adjacent oratory of al-Gulshani again resounded with music and the buzz … Read more

The Sky Is the Limit

On 6 July 2020, children of the Qaitbey area took part in a kite-flying contest, vying to present the most airworthy and also the most beautiful kite. Kite-flying has been a very popular pastime … Read more