Alive in the "City of the Dead": a Virtual Experience

A multimedia website produced by ARCHiNOS and launched on 18 April 2021 lets its visitors explore and experience the Desert of the Mamluks in Cairo, feel what it’s like to visit its monuments and to walk its lanes with the people who live there.

Available in English, French, and Arabic, the site includes a narrated documentary video, and presents various locations by descriptions, photo galleries, and interactive 360-degree panoramic views with pop-up windows that provide further details and explanations.

All information on the website is backed by solid research and includes new discoveries that allow to better understand the rich cultural heritage that spans centuries of history.

The project also intends to promote the neighbourhood by countering misconceptions about its people.

The Virtual Experience Alive in the 'City of the Dead' in Cairo was created in August 2020 – February 2021 and was funded by The French Institute in Egypt, with a contribution from the Friends of the Manial Palace Museum, to which the project was affiliated.

ARCHiNOS Architecture carried out the project in conjunction with the project Heritage for the Living in the ‘City of the Dead’ that is financed by the European Union and the Drosos Foundation. 


Website launched on 18 April 2021

Concept and project direction: Agnieszka Dobrowolska

Contents by: Caroline Williams, Prince 'Abbas Hilmi, Jaroslaw Dobrowolski


Video documentary: Ahmad Zeidan

Technical team: 'Amr Abotawila, Eslam al-Na'eb, Haidy Wael