Expedition House, Old Dongola, Sudan

Armenian Club in Heliopolis, Cairo

Armenian Nubarian School Theatre

Summer House on the Mediterranean

Sudan National Museum

Calligraphy Museum, Alexandria

The Mountain House, VA

Skin Care Clinic, Qattamiya, Cairo

Residence, 10th Ramadan City, Egypt

Boutique in the City Stars Mall

Skin Care Clinic, Heliopolis, Cairo

King Faruq’s Resthouse, Giza

Sidnaui Department Store, Cairo

Residence, Rihab City, Greater Cairo

AUC Faculty Lounge

AUC Vice-president’s Office

AUC Downtown Cultural Centre, Tahrir

AUC New Bookstore, Tahrir Sq.

Museum of Pearls, Bahrain

Egyptian Pavillion, EXPO 2008, Spain

Cairo Expo City Master Plan

Sam Ibn Nuh Mosque, Historic Cairo