Claudia von Funcke:

Claudia von Funcke is a German artist living in Berlin, where she runs her own project space. She studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, and art history, philosophy, anthropology and theatrical sciences in Munich, Cologne and Augsburg, and also studied at the Architectural Association School in London. In her art, Claudia documents, analyses, and dissects urban spaces and then reassembles them in unfamiliar ways, bringing out the transitory and provisional character of the modern city in its constant permutations of overlapping layers of history, meanings and layouts. Objects in various materials and photographs combined in installations with light effects and projections, reflect how perceptions of reality are infinitely mutable, fragile and constantly reinterpreted, challenging the viewers’ established certainties and disrupting the dynamics of seeing. She has exhibited her work in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Great Britain and South Korea, and now also in Egypt.

The residency of Claudia von Funcke in Cairo as part of a programme run by ARCHiNOS A r c h i t e c t u r e
was supported by the German Institute of Foreign Relations.