Lindsay Sekulowicz:

Lindsay Sekulowicz studied at The Glasgow School of Art, and currently lives and works between Scotland and London. Her work often covers the ground where art meets natural history studies and environmental and biological research. She has worked with a number of museums and institutions in the UK and internationally, including Dundee and St Andrews Universities, The Natural History Museum of Florence, Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt (where she took part in an ARCHiNOS project), and the National Herbarium of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She also completed a residency at Sura Medura International Artists Residency Centre in Sri Lanka where she worked on a catalogue of medicinal and endangered plants in the jungle.

“The Passengers”, produced in Cairo in January 2017, is a set of sculptural works that have been made in collaboration with craftspeople in the ‘City of the Dead’ and resulted directly from the artist’s experience of her stay in Cairo. They drew inspiration from historical artefacts and techniques to reflect on contemporary journeys in the region.

The materials employed –gold leaf, clay, glass, gypsum, raw pigments, mother of pearl and limestone– form a portrait of the land and embrace the history of trade and cultural exchanges in Egypt.

Also on display at the opening on 1st February 2017 were clay figurines crafted by the local children during an artistic workshop that Lindsay conducted for them.

The residency of Lindsay Sekulowicz in Cairo was supported by the British Council, and by ARCHiNOS A r c h i t e c t u r e