Stefania Fabrizi:

Stefania Fabrizi lives and works in Rome.

In her investigative approach to art, she explored themes ranging from cinema to comedy, from literature to the world of sport, with mysterious figures and subjects that often turn into icons, whose transfiguration is achieved through the artist’s mastery of her media. She uses various techniques in her work, which she has presented at numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

In the residency in Cairo, and especially in the ‘City of the Dead’, she observed the local people, and reflected how inhabitants of the underprivileged neighbourhood managed to stay happy, to smile, and to welcome her in their midst. They smile with love – she says, and she put people at the centre of her work in Cairo.

The installation Il mio Cairo – My Cairo, is a series of portraits in oil on canvas of people she encountered one way or another while in the city – from the people of the neighbourhood to famous historical characters.

In A punti di viaggo (The Bridges of the Journey), Stefania presented her impressions of Egypt in a series of minute watercolours : ancient monuments, streets, markets, and urban landscapes, and the bars and cafes of Cairo.

She also painted a mural of the famous late Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum in the square in front of the maq‘ad of Sultan Qaitbey with participation of the local children – a perpetual memory of her stay in Cairo.

​Stefania returned to Cairo in October 2018 to take part in a programme of the Italian Institute and painted more murals in the Qaitbey area, again with participation of the children of the neighbourhood.

The residency of Stefania Fabrizi in Cairo as part of a programme run by ARCHiNOS A r c h i t e c t u r e was supported by the Italian Institute in Cairo in conjunction with the I martedi critici initiative