Ottoman House in al-Sukkariya, Cairo

Architectural conservation of the historic façade of an Ottoman house located at the corner of SugarStreet (al-Sukkariya) and the main street of the mediaeval city. The disaster response project restored the urban landscape of great historical and cultural importance that was dramatically impacted by the destruction by fire of the elaborate and prominently visible façade of the house that featured a huge bay window of turned wood screens (mashrabiya.) Comprehensive conservation of the historic façade included the reconstruction of the burnt down mashrabiya window bay from pieces produced by traditional craftsmen of Cairo. The project was affiliated with the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo and funded by Prince Claus Fund for Cultural Development (

2012, Bab Zuwayla area, Historic Cairo

Project director: Agnieszka Dobrowolska;
Technical team: Jaroslaw Dobrowolski (senior architect),
Asia Dyzewska, Muhammad al-Zougby, architects