The size and structure of our organization enables us to be directly involved as lead designers and project managers throughout the design and construction process. Because we undertake only a limited number of jobs at any time, we maintain a close working relationship with our clients and listen carefully to their requirements. Our responsiveness to the different needs and expectations of our clients means that our designing is always creative and exciting for us. It inspires us to create an ever-growing range of architectural expression.

All projects, whether large or small, are undertaken with full involvement of our team of specialist consultants. We use only the most tried and tested contractors to ensure that our clients are satisfied with high quality work. In designing museums, interpretative exhibitions, presentation of archaeological sites and adaptive re-use of historic buildings, we strive to respond to our clients’ visions with designs that are beautiful, functional and tailored to the client’s needs and budget.

We seek design solutions that are responsive to specific sites, taking into account environmental and climatic conditions, with sensitivity to natural and man-made settings. We create designs that take into account the historic and cultural heritage of every site, always with a creative approach.