Unknown Heritage in the “City of the Dead”

Al-Mu’azzam Fort, Saudi Arabia

Gebel Barkal Museum, Sudan

Mausoleum of Ibn Ghurab, Cairo

Mausoleum of Amir Mankalibugha, Cairo

Heritage for the Living in the “City of the Dead”, Cairo

Monastery at Ghazali, Sudan

Raba’ of Sultan Qaitbey, Cairo

Maq’ad of Sultan Qaitbey, Cairo

Roman Bath in Karanis, Fayyum

Hawd of Sultan Qaitbey, Cairo

Site Management Planning for Sudanese Antiquities

Al-Fakahani Mosque, Cairo: emergency interventions

Ottoman House in al-Sukkariya, Cairo

Consulting services for the Supreme Council of Antiquities

Sabil-kuttab of Sultan Mustafa III, Cairo

American University in Cairo

Al-Fakahani Mosque, Cairo

Qubbat Affendina Royal Family Mausoleum, Cairo

Wikala of Nafisa al-Bayda, Cairo

Sabil of Muhammad ‘Ali Pasha, Cairo

Minbar in the Mosque of al-Salih Tala’i’, Cairo

Sabil-kuttab of Nafisa al-Bayda, Cairo