See past events in the Place for Art and Culture in the Maq’ad of Sultan Qaitbey

Artist-in-residence at work

A cultural event at the Maq’ad of Sultan Qaitbey

Exhibition “Austria and the Arab World”

The founder of the Manial Palace

Gebel Barkal Museum, Sudan

Displays in the Manial Palace Museum

KEEPitREAL! Arts Meet Crafts Project

Open-air Museum in Karanis, Fayyum

Sudan National Museum

The Liquid Continent

Museum of Arabic Calligraphy, Alexandria

Museum of Fine Arts, Alexandria

Bin Matar House: Place of Memory, Bahrain

Muhammad Mahmud Khalil Museum, Cairo

Museum of Egyptian Textiles, Cairo

Pioneers of Egyptian Modern Art Museum, Cairo

Riffa’ Fort Museum, Bahrain

The Pharaohs Exhibition: Manaama, Bahrain

North Walls of Cairo Museum

Designing the Aqueduct Park in Cairo

Mamluk exhibition in the Palace of Amir Taz, Cairo

Exhibition in the sabil of Nafisa al-Bayda, Cairo

Exhibits in the sabil of Muhammad ‘Ali Pasha, Cairo