Rehabilitation of the Sednaoui Department Store, Cairo

The concept design for the rehabilitation of a landmark Art Nouveau building in Downtown Cairo and its urban surrounding was an entry by ARCHiNOS in an international architectural competition organised by the Egyptian National Organization for Urban Harmony.

The premise of the design was that architecture and urban planning have always reflected not merely the aesthetic tastes, but the social relationships, ideas, values, and lifestyles of societies. By matching careful conservation and rehabilitation of historic architecture and urban setting with modern design and technology where appropriate, our design aimed to demonstrate how cultural heritage is a valid part of present-day life.

ARCHINOS won a merit award  in the competition.


Principal architect: Agnieszka Dobrowolska
Senior architect: Muhammad Hassan Ismail
Technical team: Jan Dobrowolski, Fatma Farouk, Hani Ghobril, Yasmine Sabry, Muhammad Mahomud Al-Shami